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Me and My Baby!

Me and My Baby!

Hey y’all…I’m Jimmy E. the founder of Texas Radio One which is based out of Conroe, Texas just north of Houston.

I initially got into radio a few years back thru the encouragement of my good friend Joel Johnson, who at the time was running his own very successful radio station called American Crossroads Radio out of Waco, Texas.

Red Dirt Roots Radio was my first attempt at building a radio station from the ground up. Due to circumstances beyond my control it became necessary to turn the reigns of the station to someone who had the same passion as I did in spreading the tradition of Texas/Oklahoma and Red Dirt Country. I found such a person in Jeri James who is doing a fantastic job spreading a little Texas/Oklahoma Red Dirt in the Great Northwestern Oregon.

After being out of radio for a few years, and life finally slowing down a tad…I got the bug again…so here it is…Texas Radio One.

We hope you like what you hear and see.

Please let me know if you have comments, suggestions or questions.

Texas Country Forever!

Jimmy E.