Aaron Watson / Red Bandana

Like most fans of Texas Country, I have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming work from Aaron Watson entitled “Red Bandana”. So…today I spent some time listening to the 6 tracks he has released so far on his 20 track work of art.

Mr. Watson has quite a few songs that are favorites of mine. Songs that I find myself singing from time to time, “Bluebonnets”, “Fence Post”, “That Look” and “Freight Train”. So far out of the 6 tracks that have been pre-released I have found myself repeat listening to one song in particular, “Trying Like the Devil”.

I hear the story of someone trying to be a good man, a God fearing man in a honky tonk crowd. A good man trying to hold on to his faith and be a positive example while he’s crooning country songs in a bar. A man who is coming to grips with the realization that he perhaps can’t always be what people expect him to be. Yet despite falling short of his own expectations, he continues to try.

The line from the end of the chorus to me says it all, “I’m solid as a rock and sink in sand, Trying like the devil to be a good man”.

If the first 6 tracks are any indicator of what can be expected of the remaining songs to be released, Aaron Watson’s “Red Bandana” will definitely be a great listening experience!

Aaron-Watson-Red Bandana.jpg