Artist Spotlight / Hunter Hathcoat

I like looking for up and coming bands on the fringe of the Texas Country Music scene. Maybe it’s the underdog mentality in me.

Sometimes while fringe binging I find some hidden gold worth looking at a little closer, such as Hunter Hathcoat. There he was debuting at #36 on the Texas Music Pickers Spotify Chart for July 2, 2019 with his single “Held on For A While”. I gave it a listen….and thought….why am I just now hearing about this guy?

Then I looked up his EP “Wrong Side” and noticed he had another EP released in 2018 titles “Try My Best” and was blown away!

Quality musicianship! Quality lyrics! Quality melodies! Left me wanting more! So downloaded both EP’s and instantly put them on repeat for a few hours…and grew to LOVE the songs even more! Especially “Try My Best”, “Good Intentions”, Wrong Side of Leavin’” and of course, “Held On For A While”!

Texas Music Pickers’ Chris Fox penned an article in May 2018 mentioning Hunter Hathcoat’s single “Try My Best” as one of “6 Songs from Artists Worth Putting on Your Radar”!

This tells me two things about Chris Fox and Texas Music Pickers;

  1. He’s a genius!

  2. I need to pay closer attention to the Texas Music Pickers News Letter!

So…what you should take away from this post is that you need to go to the music destination of your choice and download all of Hunter Hathcoat’s music, AND you should get yourself on the Texas Music Pickers Newsletter mailing list!



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